Dodgers reveal strategy with Shohei Ohtani

to sign shohei ohtani, los angeles dodgers They made a $700 million, 10-year deal with the Japanese. Several seasons have passed and many resources have been exhausted since the organization first made a formal offer to the player.

Among its strategies to attract two-way player attention, the Los Angeles organization sent the deceased Kobe Bryant To convince the player. Shohei Ohtani was a fan of this brilliant basketball player and at that time he appreciated the contact with his idol, who was also the idol of all the fans of the team.

That conversation between two extraordinary athletes was recorded as an archival document. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Dodgers guarded it jealously until the precise moment. He used it during a meeting with Asians before receiving their signatures, apparently as a tool of persuasion.

Los Angeles Dodgers plan to hire Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani officially debuts with the Los Angeles Dodgers seoul series, In his first two appearances he had three hits in 10 at-bats and walked a few teammates in scoring. Group Director, dave robertsPlacing him as the second man and main hitter in the offensive order.

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