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Looking ahead to 2023, Team Vitality was clear about the direction of their particular path: to create a team around Zhou Yang-Bo «Bo«. For the moment the French organization has been left without participation in the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) after placing fifth in the group stage of the winter season and third in the spring season. To build the squad with Bo as the central axis, the bees have had many names in mind to complete the starting five. However, one of them was a world champion: Kim Tae-sang.”Doinb«.

Doinb has revealed in a live broadcast that Team Vitality contacted him during pre-season to get his services. Although the media did not explain why, this could be because Bo and the media teamed up during 2021 at FunPlus Phoenix, before the jungler was suspended for a match-fixing scandal. «Vitality contacted me during the off season. One team from the LEC, one from the LCS and one from the LCK also did it.“Revealed the South Korean.

However, in the end Doinb did not accept any of the offers from the non-member clubs. League of Legends Pro League (LPL). The South Korean is one of the 10 best players in the history of the LPL, where he has developed most of his career, so he wants to end his career there. «Play in another region? No way! I will retire in LPL, I will not play in another region«, he claimed the middle.

Doinb wants to return to Summoner’s Rift

Due to his willingness to compete in the LPL, Doinb decided during the last off season not participate in the Spring Split. The middle was replaced at LNG Esports by Lee Ye-chan.”scout«, who came to the club from EDward Gaming. Tae-sang stood at the gates of worlds after a fifth map in the final of the regional tournament and the club decided to do without him but keep Lee Seung-yong”tarzan«. In 2024 the medium will be in the competition: «I will return to the professional scene next year. This Summer Split? Depends. My goal now is to win worlds«.

Beyond talking about dates, the South Korean also spoke openly about the new stimuli he has to return to competition. «I was on stage, the sound was so loud and I thought: the stage is my home. Doinb should shine here“, he explained about the feelings he had during the ceremony of the 10 best players in the history of the LPL. In addition, looking to the future, the medium is motivated to be able to take his son to see him compete: «It may not be this summer, but next year, when my son can walk, I want my wife to bring him to see me. I will show them to everyone after I win and say: ‘this is your husband, this is your father’.”

However, the medium has also confessed that currently it is not easy for him to find a team due to his characteristics as a player. Or rather, the point at which he is in his career as a professional player. «I am no longer the Doinb of 2019. That Doinb could win a title with four rookies. But now I have to take more things into account, I need a team that can lane me“, explained the South Korean.

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