Dollar price in Colombia today, March 17: exchange rates and prices in Colombian pesos

The established representative market rate for this Sunday is $3,884.64 For every US dollar, that leaves the Colombian peso with an annual devaluation of -20.18%, considering that the currency was quoted above $4,866.50 in the country last year, representing an annual decline of $981.86. . However, the currency’s weight is the lowest of the week and last month:

working days exchange rate
sunday 10 march $3,905.45
Monday, March 11 $3,905.45
Tuesday 12 March $3,907.81
Wednesday 13 March $3,919.86
Thursday 14 March $3,908.02
Friday 15 March $3,899.39
Saturday 16th March $3,884.64
Sunday 17th March $3,884.64

What is the exchange rate at the Colombian exchange houses?

The dollar closed this week amid a scenario of uncertainty arising from the release of inflation data in the United States. At present, analysts are waiting for a clear cut in interest rates by the Federal Reserve.Due to which the Colombian peso may benefit.

,We should keep in mind that the Board of Directors of the Bank of the Republic will meet next week and the decisions taken in the future will have an impact on the behavior of the currency. Additionally, the FED is expected to keep its interest rates at a level close to 5.5%, but is also projected to show signs of a possible reduction in the next semester,” Sergio Olarte, chief economist at Scotiabank Colpatria, told the newspaper El Money. .

Following this volatility and under the uncertainty generated by the announcement of economic data in the United States, The dollar remains stable in the country, so Colombian exchange houses sell the currency for about $3,860 And they buy it for about $3,750, depending on the establishment and region of the country in which the transaction takes place: Medellin and Cartagena are the cities with the lowest exchange rates nationwide.

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