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Of all the exclusive console sagas, those of Nintendo are the ones that have most refused to abandon that strategy throughout history. The Big N titles They are not something we can enjoy on PC, and The Legend of Zelda is, without a doubt, one of the most eagerly awaited franchises. Now, one of their games has been recreated on our platform.

If there is only one video game that we can expect such a swerve, is, without a doubt, Minecraft. The Mohjang and Microsoft title that has been the best-selling and most popular in the world for more than a decade. The legendary video game has sparked the imagination of very different generations of gamers, and some of them use it to satisfy unfulfilled needs.

But what does this have to do with Zelda? Well, a true genius of the popular video game has managed to make the first saga title playable within Minecraft. In his new video, content creator C1OUS3R has recounted how did he manage to bring this 8-bit classic to life.

Using all sorts of clever tricks, such as using a 2D model of Link or the enemies of the game on top of some of the Minecraft objects to simulate the character. In addition to this, he had to create the entire world block by block, with its dungeons and everything, something that is far from small turkey.

In the end, while it’s not a complete and perfect conversion, it’s the most impressive way we’ve seen to bring the console classic to our operating system. If you have want to try it, you still can’t, but you’re just going to need patience for it. Its creator has said that once the video reached 5000 likes, will release the mod to the public. Considering that he has amassed 3396 in just 2 days, he will surely get it soon.

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