Dragon Ball returns to Fortnite!

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Let’s remember that Gohan and Piccolo join Vegeta, Bulma and Goku, as anime skins that have collaborated in Fortnite.

A new collaboration with one of the most watched anime worldwide has returned to Fortnite. This time they return with two of the most beloved characters in the saga, such as Gohan and Piccolo.

In the new store you can find the following items: Son Gohan, Piccolo, Super Saiyanlayer of Gohan, cape and turban Piccolo, Piccolo demon symbol, gohan beastbestial ax of Gohan.

In the new update we will have available missions related to the characters of dragonball, besides returning the flying cloud and the kamehameha; two items that were much loved by users of the game.

Let’s remember that Gohan and Piccoloadd up to Vegeta, Bulma and Gokusuch as anime skins that have had collaboration in Fortnite.

Remember that Gohan and Piccolo join Vegeta, Bulma and Goku as skins.Epic Games

Let’s also remember that for the first time the smash and the kamehameha are available. Both can be used at the same time in your weapon gallery. Added to this is the return of hang gliding and the new image of the battle bus with a dragon ball.

The new event is available from now and will be available until February 14.

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