DWG KIA announces its rebrand and name change

DWG KIA presents its rebrand with a new logo and name

In a fast race DWG KIA sneaks into the list of the rarest changes with its new rebrand. The Korean team world champion in 2020 changes its Name, logo Y vestments to start 2023 with a new air. DWG KIA presents its rebrandrenamed Dplus KIA. In turn, the team logo changes, with similarities to that of 2020 but something strange. Criticism was not long in coming as it was one of the most popular teams in the League of Legends. The drastic change of DWG KIA with this rebrand it seems to be something we won’t be able to get used to overnight.

If anything is more contentious for fans than changing something that works, it’s doing it twice. Damwon KIA starts 2023 with a more than surprising facelift for everyone. The team that plays in the LCK leaves behind the name of DWG KIA to call itself Dplus KIA. In this way the team gets rid of everything that was his brand when they were world champions, keeping only canyon Y Showmaker. Dplus KIA It will be the new stage of the Korean team and it comes with a change of colors included.

Korean fans and the LoL community have been quick to jump on their necks upon seeing the decision. The new team shield does not seem to convince anyone, most opinions highlight its poor shape. In addition, the main colors of the team have changed, another of the big complaints from fans. Now the main colors of the team will be the white and the blackwhile some alternative jersey could carry the colors lime either mint.

According to information through the discord of Dplus KIAthe colors will be white black and the alternatives will be lime and mint / Sources: Ashley Kang

Although the rebrand from DWG KIA to Dplus KIA does not seem to convince anyone, it will be a matter of time before we accept it. While it seems that the brand has done some credit for getting some fans off the boat by losing much of its identity, it’s hard to stop rooting for a team with Canyon, Showmaker and Deft in their ranks. The Korean group will make its premiere under the name of Dplus KIA the next January 18 on the LCK. The team aspires to a lot this season with their reinforcements, so it will be easier for us to get used to their new brand if we follow their games, as they are one of the best teams in the league.

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