Dye, Head Coach of INFINITY, spoke after the death

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The INFINITY head coach had some warm words for his coaches.Riot Press

INFINITY fell against Estral Esports by 3-2 and remained eliminated from the Opening Tournament of the LLA. ESPN.com was able to talk with Dye, head coach of INFINITYwho analyzed the defeat, praised his players and gave his favorite for the final.

“The two games that we lost prior to the fifth, we could have won. We had advantages that we could not take advantage of to close the games”, analyzed the HC and added: “My approach in the fifth games not the best. Due to the virtues of my players and the way the series had gone, we did not end up comfortable. It’s a pity that the 5th is over games so why the four draft previous ones had been good and we were comfortable”.

The boys left everything, we had a lot of confidence to face all the teams, but Estral ended up beating us deservedly. Now it is up to us and the players to analyze the dividedwhat small things we can change to improve because the mistake was finishing fifth in the regular seasonnot in the playoffs,” Dye said.

Asked about the high level they showed in the playoffs, the head coach highlighted: “I think it was a seesaw in our four months of work. Within the missteps, we found the way with the team and understood the idea when working on a day-to-day basis. The last four weeks were very good because of how the team dealt with the scrims and the games, my players left everything

In addition, Dye was excited about the future INFINITY: “These last four weeks is how I want the team to work. If we take what we did in the playoffs to the regular phase, it would be ideal and my players have the ability to do it and deal with it. I am confident that with this team we can have a good split without any doubt”.

Leaving elimination aside, the Colombian HC chose who they want to win the LLA Opening Tournament: “They are three very even teams, but Due to the affinity I have with Snaker and Cody, who are guys I worked with, I really hope they achieve the title (Six Karma). Regardless of who I want to win, May the final be won by the one who deserves it the most and have a good series”.

Estral Esports will face Rainbow 7 on Tuesday, April 4 and it will be determined which team will face Six Karma in the LLA final on April 14 at Gamergy in Chile.

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