E-Sports, the new challenge for Ecuador and Latin America

The University of Cuenca in Ecuador organizes the championship for the third time CatoGames where 500 participants fight to win various academic awards and others from their sponsoring brands. In this contest of E-Sports you will be able to compete with adventure and strategy games.

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These are: Call of Duty mobile, League of Legends, Brawlhalla or Valorant. “Creating this space is difficult, but not impossible. There is a lot of support from gamers and there is a lot of talent,” he says. Gabriel Jimรฉnez, director of the CatoGames.

Did you know?

Ecuador has its own team that participates in the semi-professional LVP League

People who join their competitions through social media can also win various prizes.

But Ecuador is not the only country in the region that wants the world’s attention on its players. Peru also wants to excel with the tournament Dota 2 ‘Lima Major’which began at the end of March and today is to be projected as the first major event of E-Sports from South America.

This event takes place in Arena 1, on the green coast of Lima and thus they received thousands of Dota fans for the final phase of 2023.

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But not everything in life is Dota or Call of Dutysince at the end of February the Brazilian Baxada was proclaimed the champion of the E-Libertadores Cup organized by Conmebol and EA-Sports, a first-class spectacle that took place at the Arenas Studios of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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