Effect of emotions on physical health

Effect of emotions on physical health

Mental and physical health are closely linked, as a healthy mind enables the body to function better, and in turn, a healthy body generates emotional well-being to avoid diseases that plague humans. Can influence.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of physical, mental and social well-being”, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Dr. Daisy Figueredo, a psychiatrist at the Comprehensive Diagnostic and Therapeutic Evaluation Unit (UDETI) in Puerto Cabello, Carabobo state in north-central Venezuela, when consulted Diario Las Americas explains that the human being is a biopsychosocial individual, “which means that there is a biological, psychological and social component that affects people. Therefore, if the individual does not have emotional well-being due to various conditions that generate such states as anxiety and stress , then there will be negative effects on the body.

How do emotions affect physical health?

Research has shown that poor emotional health can weaken the immune system, increasing the body’s risk of developing physical illnesses during emotionally difficult times.

Besides, Mental illnesses like anxiety, stress, and depression can have a negative impact on physical health. And even increases the development of serious conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), LPsychological health can have a positive or negative impact on a person’s health and risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

Figueredo sheds light on Today the digestive system is called the second brain., “Nowadays, the relationship between mind and body is no longer indifferent. On a biological level, the neurotransmitters of the brain are the same as those in our digestive system, which means that any condition or change in the functioning of these neurotransmitters will affect the digestive system.

He further added, “It has already been proven that every person who has problems with anxiety or depression manifests itself at the gastrointestinal level or with frequent headaches and body aches.”

Similarly, he explained that changes in brain neurotransmitters occur during mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, “because the brain is an organ that does not produce the amount of neurotransmitters it needs to remain stable and function well, As a result “these psychological illnesses eventually affect physical health.”


Emotional disorders and unhealthy lifestyle habits affect both emotional well-being and body health., Experts say that to maintain optimal health, it is necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which includes a balanced diet, body exercise, optimal sleep and stress management techniques.

Furthermore, they highlight that it is important to promote positive emotions, reduce negative emotions, and seek professional help when necessary.

In this regard the expert said that In addition to working on emotions and the social aspect, it is also advisable to do physical exercises such as walking, running or jogging., “Exercising reduces a hormone called cortisol in the body, which helps the body respond to stress, which increases when there is anxiety.”

,Along with exercise, it is also important to take adequate diet. When we don’t provide adequate nutrition to the brain and body, it is affected psychologically and physically,” he adds.

In that sense, he highlighted that For good emotional health, it is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid risk factors for physical diseases. and mental such as overeating, consuming junk food or alcohol, which can cause both health and family problems.

The psychiatrist said that to complement the physical part, you can also do activities like meditation and yoga, which help you reflect, connect mind and body, and improve emotional and physical health.

treatment and therapy

Figueiredo also indicated that to improve emotional well-being, medical treatment by a specialist such as a psychiatrist is also important, who with appropriate medication can correct the alterations of brain neurotransmitters that cause diseases such as anxiety or depression.

He also called it necessary add psychotherapy to complement the biological component, Which may come from the conditions that have given rise to these psychological illnesses. “Now, when it is minimal anxiety or depression, it can be improved with mild psychotherapy by treating only the cause or the social situation which may include overwork, relationship or economic struggles, among others.”

loss of stress

The psychiatrist also told Stress, along with poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and family history, are some of the risk factors that lead to the development of mental illnesses that affect emotional well-being and have consequences on the body.,

Social and psychological stress is an emotional response that can trigger physical consequences and lead to a variety of diseases and disorders such as stroke, cortisol release, and increased blood sugar levels.

Likewise, it may interfere with sleep patterns, resulting in an increase in these physical and mental health problems. Lack of sleep has long been linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, decreased immune function, and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Ultimately Figueredo assured that you can’t separate the mind from the body, “And if we do not have a balance between the biological, the psychological and the social, the results will be not only psychological pathologies, but also medical ones. Because, when we are healthy we enjoy higher levels of well-being and positive emotions, whereas, when we are sick, we become anxious and depressed.”


waterfall: With information from Mejor Con Salud and interviews

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