Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving Movie Has Started Production

Eli Roth is bringing Thanksgiving to the big screen years after appearing as a fake trailer that appeared in the Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez film grindhouseand the film is bringing some big names into the horror offering. Deadline reported that along with Patrick Dempsey, Nell Verlaque, Addison Rae, Jalen Thomas Brooks and Milo Manheim, Gina Gershon, Tim Dillon and Rick Hoffman will also join the group.

Sony Pictures teased the start of production on the new film with an image of a director’s chair containing a very nasty-looking axe, as well as displaying Roth’s name and the film’s title in bloody letters.

For those who haven’t seen the film’s original “fake trailer” on Rodriguez and Tarantino’s bloody romp, Deadline was able to provide a quick reminder of the film’s beginnings at age 15. The summary says:

“The Thanksgiving Day trailer featured the bloody teaser about a pseudo-movie in which a murderer makes his own cutting board out of the townspeople of a Massachusetts town that goes on a massive annual rampage on the annual turkey day. One of the pivotal scenes involved Roth himself, separated from his head during the height of passion by a convertible tryst. It was popular enough to formulate plans to have a blood feast with Roth at the helm, but 15 years have passed since Grindhouse’s original release and you could be forgiven for thinking that Thanksgiving would never come.

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Eli Roth loved making the Grindhouse trailer for Thanksgiving

Eli Roth Thanksgiving from Grindhouse
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Every now and then there are fake movie moments that lead to real projects later on. When he was making the trailer for Thanksgiving by 2007, Roth had already planned the entire film he was promoting. At the time, he commented:

“My friend Jeff, who plays the murderous pilgrim – we grew up in Massachusetts, we were huge horror movie fans and every November we looked forward to the Thanksgiving horror movie. We had the whole movie planned out: a boy falls in love with a turkey and then his father kills him and then he kills his family and goes off to a mental institution and comes back and takes revenge on the town. I called Jeff and said, ‘Dude, guess what, we don’t have to make the movie, we can just shoot the best parts.’”

The only thing guaranteed is that all the blood, violence, nudity and depravity that the grindhouse trailers already produced – Rodriguez’s machete and Jason Eisner Hobo with a shotgun – will be taken to the Thanksgiving party, and gives hope to the other trailers, which were Rob Zombie SS Werewolf Women and Edgar Wright Nomay someday become a reality.

There is currently no release date for Thanksgivingbut with the movie now in production it’s likely we’ll hear a lot more about the film in the coming months.

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