ElXokas makes the best kill in Extreme Minecraft


The new Minecraft Extreme highlight featured ElXokas and Roier, and it’s a totally unexpected kill.

ElXokas makes the best kill in Extreme Minecraft
ElXokas makes the best kill in Extreme Minecraft

Right now the most popular Hispanic event in twitch It’s of Extreme Minecraft, the Auronplay series, Tanizen and Reborn which is having tremendous success on the platform. This is partly due to the epic moments that he is leaving us, and the most recent one has to elXokas as protagonist.

ElXokas has had his highlights throughout the game, being one of the most popular content creators for Extreme Minecraft. The Spanish he killed Roier with a fishing rod, quite unexpectedly.

Above you can see the kill and the reaction of ElXokas, who instantly walked away and continued to laugh, while those around couldn’t believe how murderous it had been. For his part, Roier reacted to the event on her Twitter, where he wrote that “You can’t trust your heroes“.

There are already loads of memes about the situation, undoubtedly one of the most memorable of Minecraft Extreme so far. After this Roier is left with only one life just like ElXokaswhile there are fewer and fewer streamers and youtubers alive on the server.

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