Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey Aim to Save the Rom Com Genre in Maybe I Do Trailer

Just when you thought rom-coms were dead as a genre, early 2023 brings a trailer for one that seems to act like it never went out of style. That would be the directorial debut of longtime television writer/producer Michael Jacobs, maybe i dowhich will be released on January 27th.

maybe i do reunites Emma Roberts and Lucas Bracey from rom-com 2020 vacation, but for the older crowd, there’s Diane Keaton, Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and William H. Macy. It seems that Jacobs’ film, which he wrote the script for, is trying to make a charming romantic film that appeals to all ages.

Fittingly, the trailer opens at a wedding where the bride prepares to toss her bouquet. First, we see the film’s star, Emma Roberts, as Michelle, one of the few bridesmaids in blue dresses, smiling nervously.

Cut to some friends of the groom, one of them being Allen, played by Luke Bracey. An unnamed participant told Allen: “She is playing for Michelle. Michelle picks the flowers, you get married next. Your life is ready.

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Then we hear Allen’s narration: “I grew up wondering if I would be able to stand in front of someone and promise them the rest of my life, and here we are.” Then there’s the joke: the bride throws the bouquet and Allen jumps in slow motion to block Michelle’s intercept. “It was a reflex action,” we see Allen tell Michelle later when they are fighting over it in one of their homes.

“It was the most awful moment in all of history of women stuck with you idiots,” Michelle replies. As she storms out the door, she exclaims, “You have one day to tell me we’re on our way somewhere.”

A tale of three couples, one young, two old

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The scene of the wedding gone wrong sets the scene for that couple, then the trailer does obligatory shots of the New York City skyline at night to get to our next couple and their issues. It turns out to be Sarandon and Gere’s characters, who are in bed together, but Sarandon is having trouble getting into action. “You’re naked under it,” she jokes about Gere’s heavy bedding.

“What are you doing here?” Gere says grimly, to which Sarandon says, “I’m underdressed.” Gere, in a gruff, beleaguered tone, mutters, “I could be asking these same questions at home with my wife.” We then see Gere suddenly dressed and preparing to leave the room. “You walk out that door, and I’m going to figure out how to kill you and get away with it,” says Sarandon to conclude his introductory segment.

A photo of the comically named Tweedle Dee Motel, complete with a tacky neon sign, appears on the screen, and suddenly we’re with another older couple. William H. Macy and Diane Keaton are sitting awkwardly on a bed in a shabby room. “I really can’t do this if there’s a ring on my finger,” says Keaton’s character. We then see Macy and Keaton eating chicken from a fast food bucket while listening to the sounds of sexual activity in the next room. With disbelief, Keaton asks, “Is that how it’s done?” Macy responds, “Those are pros.”

We are then ushered into a luxurious kitchen in Gere and Keaton’s home, where Gere declares, “A token of our love – this ring means commitment.” Then, worried, he says to Keaton “Where the hell is the ring?”

Bracey’s Allen tells the family, “Michelle wants to marry me, she wants to be happy with me in the future.” Macy says, “I think that sounds romantic,” Sarandon says, “I think it’s science fiction.”

A Dinner to Remember Gets a Big Stressful Setup

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Back in the other old couple’s kitchen, Keaton asks, “So why didn’t we meet these people sooner?” Then a photo of Gere at the table saying, “Our son sleeps with their son, doesn’t that entitle us to dinner?”

From here, we have a whirlwind of these people preoccupied with a possible dinner. “My parents want to host you,” says Michelle de Roberts to her parents. “Absolutely not,” says Sarandon grimly. So back to Macy: “Why don’t you want to meet these people?” Sarandon: “What could we have in common?”

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The trailer culminates with the big family dinner, where everyone discovers exactly what they have in common. “It’s so nice to finally meet you,” Sarandon says with a high-pitched shudder. This sets up Gere, who, finding Sarandon, tells her, “You can’t come in now, I have company.” To which Sarandon responds, “I am the company!”

“This is my son Allen, who met his wife holding their daughter,” Sarandon points out. Roberts breaks the ice by offering, “Would anyone like a drink?” And everyone rejoices despite romantic disharmony galore.

“What about the day we don’t remember that we gave each other the best parts of our lives?” Allen desperately asks Michelle in a late-night scene. “Did we do this to them?” Sarandon asks, to which Macy replies, “Especially you.”

“Are you in love with my wife?” Macy pumps her fists at Gere. “No!” Gere responds, to which Macy mutters, “Damn.”

The final moment of the trailer: Bracey’s Allen: “How do I know if I love her?” Her father, played by Macy, puts it bluntly: “Would you ask yourself the only question that matters: does this girl carry within her the potential to suck your soul like a Nosferatu?” Alan: “No.” Macy: “Then go ahead my son.”

He does maybe i do Do you have the products to help bring the rom-com genre back? It seems to have all the classic farce angles, sexual twists, and relationship struggles over commitment in full effect, so it could work. One thing’s for sure is that it has a great cast and seems to have a lot of witty moments. Maybe it’s enough to capture some hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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