End of the controversy! They reveal VAR audio in the hands of Valdés with America | TUDN Liga MX

Controversy arose in the match between Atlas and America on matchday 10 of the 2024 Clausura tournament, in which an ejection and penalty was ordered in favor of America following a handball, shortly before the end of the first half. Diego Valdés, Azulcrema player.

Although handball existed, the Referee Commission of the Mexican Soccer Federation came into action to clarify the decision of central referee Fernando Guerrero and support everything with VAR communication audio.

In the above action, Diego Valdes lowered the ball to his chest and then hit it in the hand, and then passed the ball to Henry Martin, who pushed the ball towards the goal, but Anderson Santamaria deliberately prevented the ‘bomb’ from scoring. Gave. Hand.

The result was a penalty declared in favor of the United States and Santamaria was expelled for his actions, but should it all have been voided because of Diego Valdes’ previous handball?

The audio shows that the communication in VAR with Fernando Guerrero was based on the rules, which from June 2021 dictate that all offensive hands on the field are not violations.

Once VAR ruled that Diego Valdés’ handball was not intentional, the above rule was analyzed, which establishes that there will only be an infringement for the offensive player who scores a goal immediately after contact with the hand.

This was not the case for Diego Valdés, who did not even have a shot on goal, but passed the ball to Henry Martín, so it was ruled that his handball was not intentional and neither was the potential goal of the ‘bomb’ after the hand. It was a simple game. Thus, supporting the two decisions ultimately reached.


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