Epic Games makes Fortnite an 18+ game, but only on mobile: the reason makes more sense than it seems – Fortnite

Even though Fortnite was permanently removed from both Google Play and the App Store, all players who had downloaded any of the mobile versions could continue playing. There was a big restriction in the form of updates, as the title has not received any patches since version 13.40 was installed. However, everything works as normally as you would expect. Something that will change in just a few days. Epic Games has announced that turkey purchases will no longer be possible and that the suggested age to enjoy the game increases to 18 years for editions of iOS, Android Y Mac.

Fortnite becomes an +18 game on mobile devices

The developer has explained its decision through official social networks. “As of January 30, Fortnite players using the August 13.40, 2020 version previously available on iOS, Android, and Mac cannot purchase Turkeys and must be 18 years of age or older to play. We want all versions to use current services from Epic Online, including parental controls, purchase defaults, and parental verification features. We are unable to update the app on these platforms due to privacy restrictions. Manzana Y Google to Fortnite,” they stated in a brief statement.

The company cannot guarantee the safety of the most vulnerable players due to the lack of controls in the store, which can be a big potential problem in the future – if it hasn’t already been. In this sense, and taking into account that after two years without updates it seems difficult to think that the platform will continue to be lucrative, the decision has been to get rid of the possibility that there is some unfortunate event to regret.

Note that, on Android, this restriction only affects players using the official version of Google Play. Those who have downloaded the video game through the official means of the company will not face any problem. Neither do those who do it from the Samsung Galaxy Store. For them things will remain the same, so Fortnite players on this platform who have not yet made the leap to the new versions should think about the possibility of doing so. You just have to be careful and always verify that we are on the official channels. you can also go from here to the Epic Games page to play on Android.

Fortnite returns to iOS in 2023

Things are a little more difficult for iOS players, who find some of the game’s features limited. However, there could also be good news for them. Epic Games advanced at the end of last year the return of the video game to Apple devices during this 2023. It is not yet clear how this return would take place. However, the apparent cause is the introduction of iOS 17. This new version of the software used by Apple should be the first to adapt to the new regulations of the European Union that force the company to allow other avenues of acquisition of Software in addition to the App Store.

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