Epic Games: Steam strategy is ‘a problem for the industry’

Epic Gamescompany that owns Fortnite, Unreal Engine and the second largest digital video game store for computers, once again generates controversy over the critick severely to Steamthe platform of Valve which also distributes titles for PC and which is its biggest rival in this market. Tim Sweeneyfounder and CEO of the company, lashed out at his competitor.

In an interview granted to PC Gamerthe executive said rather harsh words for his rival: “Steam It’s a real problem for the industry. They have a classic blocking strategy where they build these services that only work with their store, and they use the fact that they have the majority of the market share to encourage everyone to submit games with broken gameplay experiences to other stores. . We ran into this problem early on with a number of multiplayer games coming to Epic Games Store”.

Epic Games vs. Steam: Never Ending War

According to what you explain sweeney in his interview, the fact that the function SteamWorks of Steam in Epic Games Store causes certain titles to have a reduced set of multiplayer features or none at all. “Certain video games were limited to a much smaller audience when the Epic Games Store launched, so many multiplayer games were really broken,” said the company’s founder.

sweeney He also pointed out the following as an example: “We must not forget that call of duty experienced a debacle when it was launched in the store windows A while back: You could only matchmake with other Windows Store players, and that’s not how PCs should work.”

Epic Games Store seeks to improve its proposal to Steam

Due to the aforementioned and after improving crossplay on its part since the end of 2022, the Epic Games Store provides the API Epic Online Services to developers, although they can also use their own. The Fortnite Creators Store also allows crossplay with consoles but it is not required. To approve such an operation, a person will have to play 20 minutes in each title to see if it works correctly, adapts to the rules and if the description is faithful to the content.

Since it was launched on the market, Epic Games Store has constantly worked to be able to face the supremacy of Steam, which has been in this area of ​​the industry for about 20 years. In addition to having exclusive offers and the already classic video games given away, Epic also wants to make its platform more attractive to developers and that is why it allows them to upload their titles directly to the store for around US$100.

Of course, it has some restrictions. The first is that Epic Games Store It does not allow uploading video games with pornographic content in which real people participate and the second is that crossplay with other PC stores should always work. This is the big difference with Steam given that SteamWorks it only works on your platform and “cross play” is not a requirement.

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