Epic Games would add first-person mode to Fortnite very soon

For a while now, data miners have suggested that Fortnite Battle Royale could have a first person perspective option/mode.

However, there hasn’t been that much movement, so it seemed like maybe it was something Epic Games had forgotten about. Just when all hope was beginning to seem lost, the most recent update showed that the mode is yet to come.

Dataminer @ShiinaBR has announced that Epic Games “I had added new files” regarding the first person mode in the update. This still doesn’t give any clues as to when this mode might be implemented, but it does show that Epic Games is committed to at least testing it out.

Obviously, the mockup image in that tweet is pretty old, considering the XP bar at the bottom of the screen was removed when Chapter 3 started.

Also, thanks to ShiinaBR, there’s a better idea of ​​what first person would look like, but that’s thanks to a bug and probably not entirely accurate.

Fortnite certainly wouldn’t be the first battle royale to offer first-person and third-person modes, either. PUBG has shown that both can be an option without any problems, but surely building on Fortnite will take a bit of a learning curve.

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