Escape from Tarkov only hits Twitch every 6 months, and this January it has grown 458% in viewers, but why?

Escape From Tarkov is one of the games that lovers of weapons and shooter pipers who put us between a rock and a hard place adore. The Russian company Battlestate Games has been with the game in early access mode away from Steam for years, but that has not stopped the game from seeing exponential growth little by little. Of course, this January Escape From Tarkov has ousted games like GTA 5, League of Legends and Valorant, something that It only happens every 6 months, why?

If we go to Twitch right now, in the “Explore” tab we can see that the shooter tactical is the first in terms of games broadcast (if we ignore that, in reality, Just Chating is the one who occupies the throne). Currently, Escape from Tarkov has 327,328 simultaneous viewersmore than double that of Valorant and Minecraft, even more than them combined.

When registering Twitch Tracker, the website that records the peaks, spectacular and profits, or losses, of a game on the Amazon platform, we will see that the peaks occur every 6 months. It always coincides with the first month of the year, and then repeats itself from June to July, although this year it manages to far exceed previous months with a new high.

The reason should not be found outside the game, nor in the banning of Twitch’s own Battlestate Games on January 1, but in a event that occurs every six months on their servers: the reset all progress. Every 6 months, the Russians do a sweep of their servers and all players, both newbies and veterans, start from 0.

Of course, it is not equitable, especially considering that access to early access It is paid, so all the account content that we have bought survives erasure. This means that if you have purchased the 79.99 euro package, your benefits are maintained, as well as those who have purchased the cheapest version, receive theirs again; even if they are minor.

Escape From Tarkov Twitch

Image: Twitch Tracker

The Russians at Battlestate Games know what they’re doing, and so do the players. When this “formatting” occurs, the game servers become the best place possible to create confusing, unbalanced and extremely funny moments. The Escape from Tarkov streamer knows this too, knowing that January to February, as well as June to July, are the best months for roleplay inside play and thus obtain a very favorable place on Twitch.

If you like Escape From Tarkov but are bad at realistic shooters, his studio has just announced its own Call of Duty

An extremely interesting strategy that content creators follow to the letter, although there are many who do not leave the game throughout the year. Be that as it may, they also seem to be the Best moments to get hold of the game, especially for those attracted by the curiosity of these social interactions with a gun in hand.

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