eSports Program: Registration is now open for this year

The eSports Córdoba provincial program defined the calendar of activities that will make up the first part of the 2023 grid and has already opened registration for the competitions that, like last year, summon gamers from all over the province.

During this month, the second Cordobesa Cup of Electronic Football will begin, a new Minecraft Intercollegiate League, the League of Legends (LoL) Tournament and the first edition of the Valorant Women’s Tournament.

Among the novelties, it was announced that the Electronic Football Cup will be open to clubs from the provinces that make up the Central Region (Santa Fe and Entre Ríos) and, in addition, that the LoL Tournament will have two categories, professional and amateur.

Interested people can register for free on the platform, where they will also find all the information, including the bases and conditions.

The skills

The online phase of all the tournaments is in the month of March, while the finals will take place on April 15, in an eSports mega-event where other novelties and attractions will be added.

Sports clubs, schools and electronic clubs from the province of Córdoba participate in the 2nd edition of the Cordoba Cup of Electronic Football, as well as sports clubs from the Central Region.

As for the 2nd Edition of the Minecraft Intercollegiate League, schools from all over the province are summoned.

The 2nd edition of the LoL Provincial Tournament is open to armed teams from the province and gamers without teams. This year, the novelty is that it will be divided into professional and amateur categories.

Finally, the 1st edition of the Valorant Women’s Tournament will feature teams made up of women and girls over the age of 14 from all over the country.

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