Even if you don’t like League of Legends, Riot Games’ new game is for everyone: New details on The Mageseeker with 20 minutes of ‘gameplay’ – Sylas in The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story

Riot Games and Digital Sun have shown more than 20 minutes of gameplay from the new The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story.

Riot Games will prepare for the premiere of a new video game by the Spanish studio Digital Sun. The company responsible for the creation and maintenance of League of Legends teamed up with the developers of Moonlighter to enhance the sprawling history of their flagship video game universe. As a result, andThe Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story will be released on April 18. The dates are approaching, and it was the perfect time to start intensifying the marketing campaign. The first step was to show the game to the world and, with a few 20 minutes of never-before-seen gameplay revealedthose responsible for the title can already cross that box off the list.

A League of Legends game for everyone

At last we have been able to see something more of the action starring Sylasa wizard who has spent the last 15 years in prison due to his ability to control wizardry and his zero interest in submitting to the unjust rules of his region of origin. The Mageseeker does not require having had even the slightest contact with the history of the MOBA Developed by Riot Games. There will be references that we may miss, but this ‘Action RPG’ with pixel art aesthetics and a successful isometric view it is self explanatory.

Throughout the minutes of gameplay shown by the video game developers in collaboration with the English-speaking edition of IGN, we have been able to clear up many doubts about the gameplay. Sylas will have in the video game skills very similar to those used in League of Legends. However, this will be an even more powerful version of himself. “We didn’t have the limitations of the MOBA so we wanted to go crazy”, explained one of the developers. As expected, his spells are used both for combat and to solve small puzzles or move around the stage.

The result is a very high rhythm in the combats combining all kinds of spells to hit enemies while we try to dodge attacks. There will also be a multitude of bosses and, without going any further, it will only take a few seconds to meet Garen. He is one of the League of Legends champions that will be present. It has also been confirmed during the gameplay minutes that will appear Morgana, Jarvan, Lux and Shyvana. In this sense, it is possible that there are other unannounced heroes that appear. Ruined King He already left us some other surprise in this regard.

“You’ll find allies throughout the game who will head to your hideout and give Sylas more powers. The idea is that players do not see him as a lone wolf. He is being helped and joining other people (…) We will see Sylas grow. He has been locked up for 15 years. He has only spoken to jailers during that time. He needs to learn how to cooperate with other people and make them care. All he cares about is revenge and he has to learn that it’s not all that. He is not a hero, if that an antihero. He is not a good boy nor is he going to be sweet. He is still Sylas and He will still be an antihero when the video game ends“, explained the head of Digital Sun.

The truth is that what is seen in the images invites you to think about The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story as adaptation to another more interesting genre of the characters of Riot Games. Until now the company had opted for genres far from live action, and this new approach may be a bit more interesting for the MOBA player base by appealing to a relatively similar player base. We will have to see how it works when the aforementioned is launched April 18 on PC and all consoles.

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