“Everything I Thought,” Justin Timberlake

The first two releases of Justin Timberlake’s sixth album did not arouse much excitement, and not only because of Britney Spears’s recent revelations about his former love affair: these songs generally lack the “oomph” that director Timbaland There is a magical component typical of great productions. , which turns even a simple creation into a success. And as with the usual compositions, this album, too long for its own good, is full of them, while Timberlake, still in good singing form, swings between disco-pop (Daft Punk’s last album serves as a reference works in) no angel And drug of choice, a good one, that one) and melodic R&B – we’re a far cry from the grand soul-funk flights that made their great albums successful, even farther from the memorable tunes they served us in the past. Timberlake returns to the stage quietly (but quite successfully), trying his luck with modern pop. Liar), reuniting with NSYNC (on a ballad). Heaven) and plagiarizing Bowie in the process – we’ll let you find out where. Pleasant, but dull.

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everything i thought

★★ 1/2


Justin Timberlake, RCA

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