Evil Geniuses, the Blueprint project and the verbal agreement with refrezh

Evil Geniuses continues to seek to find the right key in his project Blueprint to function in the competitive ecosystem of CS:GO. All this is worthy of praise due to the complicated situation of his scene in the shooter of Valveso we do not know the limit of its leaders. The latest changes cause up to five project players to Blueprint disassociate themselves from the team and the remaining ones combine with each other to form a new roster. This has been confirmed the same week in which a possible verbal agreement between EG and Ismail «⁠refresh⁠⁠» Ali.

The first information emerged from an interview with dust2.us Soham “valens” Chowdhury, one of the leaders of the squad. In this talk, the future changes that the Blueprint project would have were highlighted, but a few hours later they were confirmed by the team itself. For those who don’t remember, the organization of NA created this project in summer of last year to have up to fifteen players and be able to feed each other and promote the scene. This has not garnered great results and it has been possible to verify some instability at times. The worst is coming this 2023, well EG will not be at the Paris Majoran absence that has had a direct impact on the latest updates.

The project Blueprint reduced to ten players

The team has confirmed that the templates of EG Black and EG White they will be combined, so you go from 15 to 10 players. With this, it is intended to create a project more similar to an academy than to a second team. This causes PwnAlone, ben1337, jonji, viz. and momo they cease to belong to Evil Geniuses. For his part, Muenster, their coach, will continue to be linked to the organization. This does not end here, since the main staff of Evil Geniuses could also sign a well-known European professional.

According to Blix.gg. Ismail “refrezh” Ali would have a verbal agreement with the North American team. The Dane has gone through organizations such as the Copenhagen Flames or MAD Lions, but he reached his highest level with Heroic winning the ESL Pro League 13. The European player, according to rumors, could replace Jadan «HexT» PostmaCanadian who came to the organization from Carpe Diem and reached the main team in the summer of last year.

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