Excellent Decade of Medical Oncology of Puerta de Hierro

He Puerta de Hierro University Hospital has been re-accredited by European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) As a center of excellence in comprehensive care and palliative care of cancer patients.

This public hospital community of madrid It has had this recognition since 2014, the year it received it for the first time. A decade of recognized European excellence.

Currently, only 17 centers spainFive of them in the Community of Madrid have this continental recognition.

The hospital’s medical oncology service has one Quality Improvement Plan for Cancer Patient Care And has received various awards and recognitions for its excellent healthcare activity.

Thus, for example, in 2023 it received the international QOPI certification, awarded by American Society of Medical Oncology (ASCO),

service is led Mariano ProvencioThat this episode of the ‘Jefatura de Servicio’ podcast Explains the functioning of a department that is known for its intensive research activity.

aimed at a powerful muscle clinical trialssignature of service Puerta de Hierro – Medical Oncology of Majadahonda This is already visible in some major lines related to innovative treatments. This is a matter of research project.Nadeem‘, was launched two years ago with the aim of improving survival in tlung tumors In the initial stage, and whose second advanced stage has already developed.

New treatment for lung cancer

As part of the group of experts in cart Plan to address advanced treatments in national health system Holds the position of Provencio of the Ministry of Health. precision medicine In the approach and treatment of oncology as an undeniable tandem of the future of health care, some obstacles related to it are still yet to be resolved. solid tumor,

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