Exercises with which you will show strong abs and arms

Exercises with which you will show strong abs and arms

Strength training is important for everyone, both children and youth, adults and seniors. Incorporating this type of training into our daily routine has obvious benefits for our health. In fact, Strength training reduces the risk of premature death by 10-17% and do it in the middle 30-60 minutes weekly Can maximize this profit.

Only 30-60 minutes a week? Yes, this minimum amount of strength training can make us stronger. The best thing is, if we only need 60 minutes per week to get benefits and 7 days a week, To live a longer and better life, 10 minutes of strength training per day will be enough.

As we have said on many occasions and in many videos and news, there are many ways to train strength even with your body weight, but it is also true that weights, dumbbells, kettlebells or clubbells is a plus Exercise Which will be great for us to continue improving.

In this video, our personal trainer Victor Tellez explains a new exercise with which you can strengthen your arms, abdominals and back in a single movement. about this gamma cast, In this case, Tellez has chosen a clubbell as an instrument for its execution But it can also be done with kettlebells or dumbbells.

The weight we choose This will depend on the strength that each of us has since the movement, although it seems easy, you have to know how to master it. To avoid injuries to our head and maintain balance during the entire movement. your advice is start with low weight Gradually work your way up until you master the exercises.

To execute this you have to start from the order position, which Tellez explains in the video, to return to that position again. This exercise involves passing the clubbell through the back and behind the head while trying to maintain balance All the time so that it does not go backwards and twist the lower back.

To do this, it is important to have very strong abdominal muscles throughout the movement. Apart from this, control on arms and back also.

This is a strengthening exercise Very simple but very complete.

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