Extreme Minecraft, Auron’s new series, announces its release date

If in 2022 the viewers of twitch They were able to enjoy a good handful of very high-quality series, it seems that 2023 will follow the same path. And it is that we already know several projects that, sooner rather than later, will land on the purple platform.

One of them, with Auron Y heberon as main architects, it is Minecraft Extreme. In this mini series of one or two weeks, each participant will have 3 lives. If players run out of them, they will be directly eliminated from the competition.

Of course, and as its name already advances, everything seems to indicate that Extreme Minecraft will be a real challenge even for the most experienced in the Mojang game, which has caused great interest among the public.

However, until now we were unaware of one of the fundamental details of the series: its release date. And I say so far because, just a few hours ago, the project’s official Twitter account has confirmed that Extreme Minecraft will start next January 17.

But this is not all, since we have also been able to know that very soon we will know the final list of participantsalthough it is true that some of them have announced their participation unofficially.

Since Movistar eSports We will remain very attentive to any news that may arise about this long-awaited series, so all the information related to Minecraft Extreme can be found here.

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