Faker took revenge on Deft and T1 is the absolute leader

Faker had his long-awaited rematch against Deft in the LCK. T1 proved to be the best League of Legends team in the world in this series.

T1 remained as the sole leader of the LCK after beating Dplus KIA (exDWN KIA) in what was the best series (it was BO3) of the young League of Legends 2023 competitive season so far. Faker took revenge on Deft (brand new ADC from Dplus), who had defeated him in the Worlds 2022 final.

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It seems like just yesterday that Faker was consoling his talented young teammates after falling in what was, for many, the most epic final in LoL Worlds history, as they watched Deft lift the cup with DRX.

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The series on Saturday, January 28, in addition to facing T1 with the same roster that they had used in the final against Deft, had the additional seasoning that both T1 and Dplus came undefeated with three of three series wins. The victor would climb to the top of the table with no one around him. The teams did not disappoint and gave us three games to remember.

The first was hotly contested in the early game, but T1 began to assert itself based on group fights and winning the turf battle. He secured the first Baron Nashor of the game and looked like he was headed for the lead in the series. But it was the same Deft with Zeri who was in charge of changing the course of the game with a spectacular nashor robberyto later be the carry of the final fight that gave him the first point to Dplus KIA.

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The second game was again T1, based on a good macro game, the team that took the lead on the map. Although it was difficult for him to reach the Dplus nexus, T1 pulled the strings of the late game and was able to define it with a perfectly executed fight on the Baron Nashor pit. Those of Faker tied the series to one and everything remained to be defined in the third map.

At the defining point, Keria (T1 support) surprised again, as in the previous series against Kwangdong Freecs, and Kalista played support. This innovation paid off early in the game alongside Draven (Gumayusi), as they provided Faker’s Kassadin with a triple kill in the sixth minute of play. T1 took advantage of his early advantage to pressure the map, taking all the objectives on the map (except one herald) and winning the game.

With the score 2-1, T1 became the only unbeaten leader in the 2023 LCK Spring Split. The three-time world champion organization seems invincible. Who can stop them?

You can see the summary of the series between T1 and Dplus KIA here below.

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