Although many people may associate feng shui with decoration, However, the purpose of this ancient discipline is to enhance the energy of spaces to help increase our levels of well-being., Moving away from the material, this holistic approach to feng shui is offered by Only Heart School and its founder Yuan Chen, an expert in the I Ching, traditional Chinese medicine, feng shui, food, and wellness.

The energy that flows through the spaces in your home

Feng Shui mainly focuses on harmonizing and balancing the energy of the spaces where we live and work. According to Feng Shui, Energy (or chi) flows through the environment and can be positive or negative.Depends on how the items are distributed and the characteristics of the location.

According to Yuan Chen, all the places we live in, such as our home or office, They have their own energy and we must be aware of it to be able to influence it. To benefit us and make our lives better.

To improve the energy of a space, Feng Shui recommends some basic tips such as Organize and clean the house or office, take care of the entrance of the place, distribute the furniture so that it does not become an obstacle in the wayDefine locations, fix or repair any broken or damaged elements as they are sources of negative energy, plant… There are many teachings of Feng Shui but Yuan Chen gives us 4 essential tips and mistakes that we should not make Easily improve the energy of your home so you can feel better about your life in general.

How to influence the energy of home or office?

Every space has an energy and Feng Shui believes that we can influence it in our favor. (pexels)

Bedroom, Bathroom and Kitchen

For Yuan Chen this triangle would be the “trinity” of feng shui. Each of these places, Bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, It is extremely important for our health and well-being.

Experts say that the worst location for a kitchen as per Feng Shui is the one in which the entrance door opens directly into the kitchen, the kitchen is the first place you see. This is not common but there are apartments or houses in which the kitchen is directly accessed from the street door. Another bad spot would be under the bathroom or even in front of the bathroom door., For this Eastern philosophy, the kitchen is the place where fire energy nourishes the home and it is not recommended that it flow through the bathroom.

In the bedroom, in addition to maintaining order and cleanliness, it is recommended to place the bed in a position that allows you to see the door but without aligning with it. The bed should have a solid headboard resting against the wall and should not have any windows or beams above it. It is also advised to avoid mirrors, electronic devices, plants and sharp objects that can generate negative energy and hinder sleep. You can add elements that promote intimacy like candles, paintings and photos of your couple to keep the positive energy flowing.

How to make energy flow in the bedroom according to Feng Shui.

According to Feng Shui, it is advisable to place a solid headboard along the wall and the legs of the bed are not directly towards the door. (pexels)

mirror problem

In the West we often use mirrors as a resource to beautify spaces in our homes or as a strategy to make certain rooms appear larger. The use of mirrors is something that is not seen well at all in the East since Feng Shui. It is an element that can spread thoughts and have a negative impact on our emotions. And in our health too.

Why is there a belief that mirrors can have such a negative impact on us? ,This effect is due to the fact that humans are more than 70% water.Mirrors should therefore be placed carefully and I recommend that they are only in the bathroom or dressing room,” explains Yuan Chen.

Is it harmful to have a TV and/or computer in the bedroom according to Feng Shui?

Bad news if you have a television or computer in your bedroom and want to follow the teachings and recommendations of Feng Shui. According to experts, you should think twice after this The television brings yang energy into the room, that is, it acts like a mirror and is capable of causing distraction and health problems., personal relationships are also changing. Yuan Chen recommends not keeping them in the bedroom or, if for any reason it is necessary, always keeping them covered when we go to sleep.

Choose certain items so that the energy of your home is not disrupted.

To improve the energy of your home, choose only those elements that make you happy. (Unsplash)

decoration under investigation

For Feng Shui, an excess of decorative items has the effect of disturbing the energy and altering it, so it is advisable to keep only a few at home. The elements you like, not so much, and those that are essential,

This guideline closely follows Marie Kondo’s philosophy, which advocates keeping the things that make you happy and donating, giving away, or throwing away everything else. A clear home with items you love allows energy to flow better. And, therefore, increase physical and mental well-being because, in addition, they make your home more welcoming and comfortable.