Filtered the code name of the DLC of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

This hint from one of the most well-known Pokemon leakers has leaked the Scarlet and Purple DLC codename.

2023 will be the year to revisit Paldea, or a new zone, with an expansion that could even be accompanied by the second generation remakes for Switch. After some clues and leaks, one of the users best known for advancing details about the Pokémon games has returned to the charge and has codename leaked of DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

Through his Twitter account, khu, who anticipated the legendary mount-shaped ones that would be a kind of dragon, has published another riddle in Chinese for the community to decipher. She has combined three Chinese words, one of which is “千”translatable as “one thousand”.

Pokemon Scarlet Purple DLC Key Name Leaked

And the rest? The translation is complicated because, apparently, the set could be translated as “The Thousand Debts” which, in the Asian country, end up becoming in wishes. Also, the term used for the word “thousand” is very specific, so it could have some connection to the 1000th Pokémon.

Something interesting since, in addition to being related to the third legendary and the new Legendary Paradox Forms, it could also be related to a new form of Gimmighoul that, in turn, would be connected to Pokémon GO. We cannot forget that there a pokemon that is in scarlet and purplebut it is impossible to capture.

The curtain should rise soon. Pokémon Day is celebrated at the end of February, and we know that there is an update for the new games that will include additional features. It is to be hoped that, in its same presentation, it will be officially announced and the DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Purple of which, meanwhile, will continue trying to decipher that leaked codename.


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