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To the delight of fans of the good old slasher franchise ‘Scream’, the sixth film hits the big screens this Thursday (9), promising a more violent and surprising version of the masked killer. With the release of teasers, trailer, promotional images, riddles and other elements, it was possible to get a glimpse of what is to come in the way of the horror sequel.

This Tuesday (7), two days before the premiere of ‘Scream 6’, several images of possible victims and suspects of the murders that will happen in the plot were released. Below you can see some of the images shared by the official profile of the franchise:

In addition to the imagery records, the profile also shared the latest trailer with tense scenes of the victims trying to escape Ghostface. In the images, it is possible to identify the predicaments faced by the main and supporting characters. Watch:

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Demi Lovato releases video defeating Ghostface

Demi Lovato released her clip with the theme song ‘Still Alive’ from ‘Scream 6’ last Friday (3), revealing a clash between the artist and the masked killer. In the end, the singer defeats Ghostface, holding a knife. The composition will be the lead track of the horror sequel.

The singer’s clip intersperses between her participation and some excerpts from the new film in the franchise, which hits Brazilian theaters on March 9 of this year. The track was recorded especially for the sixth film, as a thematic composition. Check out a snippet of the lyrics:

“I’m still alive

I don’t just want to survive

Give me something to sink all my teeth into

Eat the devil and spit out my demons

I’m still alive

I’ve died a thousand times

I went to hell but I came back and I’m breathing

Make me bleed while my heart is still beating

I’m still alive.”

Watch the full clip:

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