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All the information about the League of Legends MSI 2023 that launches a new format.

Mid-Season Invitational 2023: format, venue and date confirmed
Mid-Season Invitational 2023: format, venue and date confirmed

Riot Games will seek to make a major change in its two top international League of Legends competitions, such as Worlds 2023 and the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2023.

The first will use the Swiss Format instead of the Group Phase as the Main Stage, while the second -which will be the first of the two to be played- will have 13 invited teams, double elimination series and other innovative implementations that we explained to continuation:

2023 Mid-Season Invitational Format

The League of Legends MSI 2023 will feature 13 invited teams, eight of which will start the competition in the Play-In, while five will wait in the Main Stage, to which three will be added from the Play-In.


The best teams from each region will qualify, with China (LPL), Korea (LCK), Europe (LEC) and North America (LCS) counting each with two representatives. In addition, the champions of Southeast Asia/Oceania (PCS), Vietnam (VCS), Brazil (CBLOL), Japan (LJP) and Latin America (LLA).


The teams will be divided into two groups of four and will face each other in a best-of-three single-elimination series. The winners of each group will advance to the Main Stage. The third place will go to the winner of a Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), in which the Lower Bracket winners of each group will meet in a best-of-five-game series.


As in the Play-In, the teams will face each other in elimination series, although all will be the best of five. Each winning team will advance through the upper square, while the defeated will go to the lower one. The grand final will be between the winner of the upper bracket and the winner of the lower bracket.

Date and Venue of the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2023

Riot Games confirmed London as the city to carry out the MSI 2023, which will take place from May 2 to 21, 2023.

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