Formula 1 | Christian Horner has been confirmed as boss at Red Bull; Puts Max Verstappen and Helmut Marko in their place

After several weeks, when an atmosphere of uneasiness arose red Bull to investigate against Christian HornerThere were several threats regarding the well-being of the team, particularly in relation to the migration of Max Verstappen and Helmut MarkoTherefore he had to make his position very clear.

After the driver threatened to leave the team if the special advisor was fired, the current Director of Champions formula 1 He made it clear that he would do nothing to force anyone to stop who did not agree, so he limited himself to waiting for each element to complete its functions.

“I think a lot of things have already been said elsewhere. The team is the team. Max is part of it, Helmut too, I lead this team, and everyone has an important role to play“, noted Horner, who concluded with an emphatic phrase in the statements collected by PlanetF1; “There’s no one bigger than Red Bull.”

desire to prevail

The above points go hand in hand with what the Team Director said at the end saudi arabia grand prixAmidst the rumors that kept the Dutchman in mercedes Once Lewis Hamilton goes ferrari In 2025; “No individual is bigger than the team.”

Horner is confident about the development of long-term plans within the team, however, he also notes that, If necessary, many pilots would be interested in getting there and occupying one of their seats.

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Daniel Ballesteros

He said, “We have an amazing car. We have an empty seat for next year, so I probably have 16 drivers who are desperate to be in that car for next year.”

Although there is not the best environment red BullThe domain has remained on track since then Max Verstappen and ‘Checo’ Perez They stay ahead of everyone else and this was exemplified by their performance saudi arabia grand prixWhere he collected a valuable 1-2 to confirm his bid to repeat with team and driver titles in 2024.

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