Fortnite and Attack on Titan: when does Eren Jaeger arrive at the battle royale

Eren jaeger from Attack on Titan is the special skin of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

In Attack on Titan, the last few humans are confined within huge walls that protect them from the Titans, huge creatures that eat people. After an attack in which the titans destroyed the wall of his hometown (Shiganshina), Eren swears revenge and joins the military forces fighting against the monsters.

Below you will find the estimated release date of Eren Jaeger skin in Fortnite, in addition to all Eren Jaeger cosmetic items that have been revealed to date.

On this page you will find:

Eren Jaeger – Fortnite skin release date

The special Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 skin is Eren Jaeger – main character from Attack on Titan – and judging by the number of days left until its release on the Battle Pass, we expect him to make his in-game appearance on Saturday April 15.

It is important to note that sometimes the special skins have been released earlier than indicated in the countdown of your Battle Pass.

At the time of writing these lines we don’t know the exact release date of Eren Jaeger, but the time should coincide with the daily reset:

  • Peninsular Spain and Central Europe – 3pm (CET)
  • Canary Islands and United Kingdom – 2pm (GMT)
  • US East Coast – 9am (EST)
  • US West Coast – 6pm (PST)

Eren Jaeger – Cosmetic items in Fortnite

While you can’t unlock the Eren Jaeger skin in Fortnite yet, you can take a look at the cosmetic rewards beyond the skin itself.

In total there will be eight Eren Jaeger cosmetic rewards, including the skin itself, in Fortnite. We don’t know yet if more additional rewards will be released.

These are the cosmetic rewards of Eren Jaeger:

  • Graffiti – Eren Showdown
  • Backpacking Accessory – Basement Key
  • Gesture – Survey Corps Salute
  • Gathering Tool – Titan Strike

  • Emoticon – Eren’s Determination
  • Wrap – Exploration Equipment
  • Attack on Titan Banner Icon
  • Suit – Eren Jaeger

How will the Eren Jaeger skin be unlocked in Fortnite?

At the time of writing these lines we do not know how the Eren Jaeger skin will be unlocked in Fortnite.

If we look at previous seasons, it is normal that you have to complete a series of challenges to unlock Eren’s skin and the rest of his rewards, like last season with Geralt de Rivia.

This is, of course, speculation. Fortnite likes to throw curveballs at us from time to time, so maybe the Eren Jaeger skin will have a different unlock mode.

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