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There are dragonball for a while in Fortnite. Akira Toriyama’s second anime collaboration continues with a visit to Dragon Ball Adventure Island through creative mode. We tell you how to access the stage and what is needed to find the dragon balls.

The first thing you should do is access Creative Mode and enter the following code 5642-8525-5429. Wait for the scenario to load and you’ll be ready for the Dragon Ball Adventure Island.

Take a walk around to take in the sights and sounds before checking out the quest board at the end of the path. Once it’s ready, there will be seven hidden Dragon Balls for you to find.

FORTNITE | How to find all Dragon Ball spheres

As soon as you get to Dragon Ball Adventure Island, follow the path to the right and walk/run until you reach the Quest Board. The first sphere is on the right side of the board.

After collecting the first Dragon Ball, the next step is to use the radar to find the hidden sphere. After interacting with him, you will have to walk to the left from the Quest Board and reach the edge of the island. Bulma can be seen standing next to the sphere.

Now go to the Capsule Corporation spaceship. Once inside, select “Goku’s House”. After the area loads up, he finds a Creative Pro Fishing Rod and catches two Floppers.

After catching two fish, find and harvest/collect a mushroom and a pepper. Once picked up, head to the kitchen area near Goku’s house. Use the ingredients to craft/craft the required items (fish). Make the Shield Fish first and then the Pepper Fish. Once this is done, use them both to craft the Vendetta Flopper. Upon completion, the third Dragon Ball will appear to the left of the cooking area.

Now you will have to travel to Kami’s Palace and use the Flying Cloud to get through the rings (checkpoints) to complete the challenge. At the end of the race, they will get the fourth sphere.

Once back in the spaceship, travel to the “Spirit and Time Room”. The goal here is to get to the end of the obstacle course without falling off. When you reach the end, the fifth sphere will appear.

Return to the spaceship and go to the planet of Beerus. There you will have to look for the Kamehameha Mythic. It will be located on a slightly raised platform. Take it and use it to destroy five rocks and try to aim the energy beam near various objects to complete the mission. If you do things right, you will have the sixth sphere.

Upon finding and collecting all six “Hidden Dragon Balls”, the seventh and final one will appear next to the quest board in the “Resort Area”. Pick it up to complete the challenge.

Now with all the spheres you can invoke Shen Long and win an interesting prize.

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