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Play Fortnite on PC it is more comfortable because of the mouse, the keyboard and the screen; However, there is a bug that only smartphone players can take advantage of. The trick will allow you to fly through the skies without fear of being shot from the ground.

The youtuber GKI, known in the community for sharing the failures of Fortnite, has shared a video showing a key difference between PC and smartphone gamers. Without a doubt, Epic Games will have to patch this error so that the fighting is fair in the remainder of the season.

Typically when you run up a ramp using the Guardian Shield and then fall using the slider, the shield will typically auto-save. The problem is that the same does not happen when you play on mobile: the protective screen continues to unfold while you slowly fall to the ground.

The glitch gives mobile gamers a certain advantage over others. As Fortnite organizes cross-matches between consoles, mobile and PC, the failure puts the balance of the confrontations at risk. In a few days, Epic Games would be patching this bug so that things work as before.

Fortnite Is available in PS5Xbox Series X / S, PC, Nintendo Switch, mobiles and consoles of the last generation.

FORTNITE | How to play on Apple

Currently, there is only one way to play Fortnite on an iPhone or iPad in 2023, and it is with the help of cloud gaming services. Although you can also use Xbox Cloud Gaming, we recommend Nvidia’s GeForce Now due to its easy access.

After creating an account GeForce Now, you will need to add the app to the home screen. To do this, just tap the button Share in Safari and select Add to home screen.

The last step requires you to launch the new app and select Fortnite in her. You can also link your existing Epic Games account through the app, as the game supports cross-progression.

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