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Character 18 aka Rebel was added to the island Fortnite after the v23.30 update. Haven’t you run into her in games yet? If so, we tell you where you can locate it and what happens when you interact with it. It is not as difficult as it seems and you can take advantage of it depending on the circumstances of the fight.

character 18 It is found in The Hall of Whispers, a landmark located west of Slappy Shores in the snow/ice biome of the map. Fortnite.

When interacted with, players can hire her for 100 gold bars and/or purchase a Falcon Scout (Epic) for 250 gold bars. Please note that this item cannot be purchased from Rebel after the NPC is hired.

Rebel’s location on the Fortnite map

Rebel is one of the first skins to be introduced in Fortnite Chapter 1 – Season 7. The cosmetic is part of the Robo Rebels Set, which was last available in the Item Shop on December 1, 2022.

There is no doubt that the addition of Rebel along with others like Renegade Shadow and Wild Card points to some upcoming event. We have a clue in her biography: “The robotic agitator Rebel always supports the underdog. With a heist and a showdown between crews, will she choose a side or watch from the sidelines?

Rumor has it that Epic Games is working on some sort of ‘crew’ and/or ‘heist’ mechanic in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. With each new NPC added to the island, they slowly build up the suspense and falling pieces into place for one big reveal.

Fortnite Is available in PS5Xbox Series X / S, PC, Nintendo Switch, mobiles and consoles of the last generation.

FORTNITE | The skins with the biggest hitboxes

The first thing to keep in mind is Doom Slayerwhich appeared in Fortnite Episode 4 – Season 1. The reason he has a bigger hitbos is due to the heavy armor that characterizes the classic shooter character in the 90s.

An obvious candidate is Hulkwhose design is faithful to that of the comics of Marvel and just as huge as we always remember. Its large size would make it have a larger hitbox around its body, which can be easy to shoot. There are those who still use the skin to show how good they are in combat.

who closes is Thanos. In addition to the massive size of him, the character wears bulky armor and various dots around the outfit that could have larger hitboxes than other skins. The heavy armor, Thanos’ helmet, and Infinity Gauntlet add up to a heavier build that’s imprecisely larger than other Marvel sets, and the head-to-body ratio is something players are extremely critical about.

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