Fortnite could receive first-person camera and search system, according to dataminers

Epic Games has released a new update for Fortnite which highlights, among other things, new content resulting from the collaboration with dragonball. As usual, the community have searched the archives of this patch discovering that there are news that the company has not officially reported and that could be clues to future features and mechanics of battle royalesuch as a first-person camera and a mysterious search system.

Regarding the most important novelty, the first person camerathe famous Twitter account @ShiinaBR has published an image in which we can see what it would look like Fortnite Battle Royale seen from that perspective. As you can see, it is internal files that allow the activation of this new camera that is not yet confirmed nor usable officially.

New ‘Wanted’ system in Fortnite?

The other filtration coming from dataminers from Fortnite, this time from the Twitter account @Hypextalk about a new search system for the game. This is baffling the community, because at first it was understood as a kind of adaptation of the classic stars of gtabut a poster in Spanish (shared by @iFireMonkey) seems to relate this leak to a character event “most wanted”. We will have to wait to receive more official details from Epic Games.

Fortnite Battle Royale is available as free to play on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. There is also a mobile version, although it is not officially available on iOS and on Android it can only be obtained in stores outside the Play Store.

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