Fortnite: Hotfix reactivates the Shock Hammer and other functions

An internal update to the battle royale reintroduced the melee weapon, hurdle jumping, and a rifle from the past.

Chapter 4 of Fortnite entered January without much news except for slight changes to the gameplay and the missions already prepared by Epic Games. However, there are resources that have been rehabilitated after being repaired, such as the Shock Hammer and others that resurfaced from the vault.

In the last few hours, the company rehabilitated the melee weapon and the function of jumping over obstacles for version 23.10 of the battle royale. He also returned to the weapons roster on burst assault riflea weapon that fires a burst of two bullets and is available in all rarities across the map.

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“New updates:
– The Burst Assault Rifle has been released
– The Shockwave Hammer is back
– Jumping over obstacles has been activated
– The reboot campaign has ended”

Let’s remember that both of the aforementioned resources that give mobility in Fortnite were deactivated with their justifications. The first had a bug that allowed infinite rebounds when making contact with water. As for the second, it was already weeks old because its problem was more serious, which was about teleporting the player a certain distance through which they recently passed or taking them to the sky and making them float to infinity.

As for cosmetics, there are not many new features after being a hotfix. You can already get the Neon style for the skin of Massai going up ten levels. Parallel to the indicated mission on other outfits for the update on February 17 and lots in the store in the following days.

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Still, not all that glitters is gold. The Reality Augmentation that allows the redeployment of the glider, Acrobat, has been disabled due to having a bug present. A prompt reintegration is expected as it happened with the Shock Hammer.

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