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Fortnite is one of the most downloaded Battle Royale on mobile devices. Thousands of active users verify it. The community knows that the title created by Epic Games can only be played in the third person, but there is a way to activate the first-person camera so that your shots are more accurate.

the youtuber GKIknown for the glitches he discovers and shares on Fortnite, explained what is the path that players must follow to activate the first person camera. The images already have more than 30,000 views and there is no need to complicate your life by installing mods or other things.

GKI explains that if you activate the first person mode in “save the world”, you will be able to play with the same perspective in the rest of the modalities. Once you enter “save the world”, go to Settings > Game > Extra options. There you will see the option “First person camera”. It only remains to change it to active and that’s it.

The youtuber warns that not all weapons are designed so that they can be used in the first person. In the same way, the combats will be easier for you to aim and shoot with the arsenal available with this modality. Here we share the video so that you can do the procedure yourself. You will notice the change in your games.

FORTNITE | The skins with the biggest hitboxes

The first thing to keep in mind is Doom Slayerwhich appeared in Fortnite Episode 4 – Season 1. The reason he has a bigger hitbos is due to the heavy armor that characterizes the classic shooter character in the 90s.

An obvious candidate is Hulkwhose design is faithful to that of the comics of Marvel and just as huge as we always remember. Its large size would make it have a larger hitbox around its body, which can be easy to shoot. There are those who still use the skin to show how good they are in combat.

who closes is Thanos. In addition to the massive size of him, the character wears bulky armor and various dots around the outfit that could have larger hitboxes than other skins. The heavy armor, Thanos’ helmet, and Infinity Gauntlet add up to a heavier build that’s imprecisely larger than other Marvel sets, and the head-to-body ratio is something players are extremely critical about.

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