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Do you want experience points in a few minutes? There is a challenge in Fortnite which consists of scoring 500 thousand points with a Motocross in the same game. The 16,000 XP prize makes you think twice, although you may wonder how to do it without falling for it.

The problem with this challenge is to find the vehicle and then ramp as far as possible to score 500 thousand points. The problem is that, when making your route, you can meet other rivals who will take the opportunity to knock you down.

To avoid these problems, the youtuber camrad3s He published a video tutorial in which he does a trick so that you get 500 thousand points in the same point. The first thing you should do is go to Aegis Temple, located north of the map and west of Frigid Frogs.

There you must fall into one of the roofs of the building and destroy all the obstacles. Afterwards, leave the building in search of the dirt bike. There are usually two outside at the start of the game. Now you just have to get on one of them, go up to the roof from before and jump on the trampoline that is in the center.

For each jump you can add some 120 thousand points. If you are skilled, you can get up to 240 thousand points if you manage to land on the springboard more than once. With this method, you can save several minutes in the games and get 16 thousand XP without much effort.

FORTNITE | Week 12 Missions

  • Eat Rush Berries in the same game (0/5) – Rewards: 16,000 Season PE
  • Get to be 3 seconds in the air inside a land vehicle (0/1) – Rewards: 16,000 Season PE
  • Gesture for 5 seconds while claiming a Capture Point or after claiming it (0/1) – Rewards: 16,000 Season PE
  • Get 500,000 points for doing tricks with a Dirt Bike in the same game (0/500,000) – Rewards: 16,000 Season PE
  • Phase 1 of 4 – Destroy objects (0/10) – Reward: 16,000 Season XP per phase
  • Stage 1 of 4 – Deal damage to opponents with Assault Rifles (0/200) – Reward: 16,000 Season XP per stage
  • Get XP in creator experiences (0/50,000) – Reward: 16,000 Season XP

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