Fortnite launches Zero Build as a standalone game on Epic

The old meme that Fortnite is dead and long since passed into history, especially when they dared to take a radically opposite step to their gaming experience as it was to launch the mode Zero Construction. A mode that today is a huge success.

In fact, it was almost from day one. The wave of indecisive players who dared to try it, stayed, and another wave of a large number of players who were already tired of FortniteHe came back to fall in love again. And it is that after all, the constructions were not made for everyone, and it is already difficult to match players with similar aim, so that the build factor ended up being decisive in the top 4/5 of a game.

Little by little Zero Construction was gaining ground, Epic Games was embracing it by launching it as Permanent Mode, unlocking missions only redeemable in this mode, its own sections… to the point that It is already a completely independent game within the Epic Games platform.

Of course your purchase is also freeand if you already have Fortnite installed, it does not require installing anything else, just run it, opening from Zero Construction mode, and thus avoid errors that have thrown you into Battle Royale mode when you reset the game, or change teams in the previous session.

And it is that about 25-30% of the players of Fortnitethey only play Zero Constructionalways maintaining fixed levels with respect to those of the battle royale, which continues to win the game with twice the number of concurrent players practically at all times.

  • Battle Royale: 376,700
  • Zero Construction: 178,400
  • Arena: 71,800
  • Creative Mode: 19,100
  • Save the World: 17,000
  • Team Scrimmage: 7,000
  • Solid Gold: 6,500

These are the data of concurrent players at the time of writing, which can now be easily consulted from the game itself, which incidentally helps to more easily visualize the best maps in creative mode, to see if there are only 50 users in one while in another there are 2,500.

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