Fortnite: Map with all the NPCs of Chapter 4

A content creator Fortnite has drawn up a map of the new region of the game that contains the location of all the new npc.

Using the map, Fortnite players can check the location of all characters that contribute to the NPC Collection to earn an achievement.

Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 2 drastically changed the look of the game by taking players into a vast cyberpunk city and its cozy Japanese-style backcountry environments. Following the explosive finale of the previous season, Fortnite players will explore the MEGA city and its surroundings.

While the city is obviously the main attraction, with its neon lights, rails, and loads of bikes, there’s plenty to explore outside of it as well, with players visiting open fields with temples, farms, and even a frozen patch. Obviously, these places will contain various secrets, as in previous seasons.

Now content creator Meet Loot Llama (MLL) has come up with a map detailing the locations of the 12 Fortnite NPCs that can be found in the new zone.

In the comments to the post, MLL also pointed out that some NPCs may not appear in the list in case they are not part of the NPC Collection, which grants players an achievement if they find all the characters that belong to it. Triarch Nox, for example, appears randomly on the map and has not been factored into this list.

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