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Fortnite Most Wanted keep up with everything in the last days. Event quests are used to help the community earn Infamy, the new currency with which you can unlock rewards, including the Gold Blooded Ace outfit and all its related items. You have until February 28 to complete the challenges and you’d better start now so they don’t stack up at the last minute.

Fortnite has divided the event Most Wanted in several stages, each one with a group of missions that will be unlocked as the days go by. The fourth of them is currently available on all servers. Is about “Cracking the Vault” and then we share the challenges that correspond to this first part.

“Cracking the Vault” Missions

  • Spend gold bars (5000)
  • Open a Cold Blooded Vault using a Vault Card (10)
  • Gesture inside a cold-blooded vault (1)
  • Complete Cracking the Vault missions (7)
  • Deal damage to opponents from above (500)
  • Use bandages or medkits (3)
  • Collect stolen exotic weapons (7)
  • Help defeat cold-blooded bosses (3)
  • Search Cold Blooded Chests (5)
  • Supply Drop Search (2)
  • Collect gold bars in a single match (500)
  • Eliminate opponents with an exotic weapon (5)

The missions of Fortnite Most Wanted They work the same way as regular challenges, but instead of awarding XP, you receive Infamy for completing them. Remember that you need to complete seven out of nine tasks in one section to earn the Cold Blooded Medallion and unlock the next section.

Don’t let time pass and all the challenges accumulate.

Fortnite Is available in PS5Xbox Series X / S, PC, Nintendo Switch, mobiles and consoles of the last generation.

FORTNITE | How to play on Apple

Currently, there is only one way to play Fortnite on an iPhone or iPad in 2023, and it is with the help of cloud gaming services. Although you can also use Xbox Cloud Gaming, we recommend Nvidia’s GeForce Now due to its easy access.

After creating an account GeForce Now, you will need to add the app to the home screen. To do this, just tap the button Share in Safari and select Add to home screen.

The last step requires you to launch the new app and select Fortnite in her. You can also link your existing Epic Games account through the app, as the game supports cross-progression.

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