Fortnite receives Leon and Claire from the Resident Evil saga

Taking advantage of the imminent launch of Resident Evil 4 Remakeon March 24, Fortnite and Capcom have introduced a collaboration that brings Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield of resident evil 2 to the popular battle royale by Epic Games. “Flee the horrors of Raccoon City and land in MEGA City with new characters coming to the Legends Series of Video Games, available in the Item Shop today!” announces Epic.

Raccoon City’s former rookie cop shows his appearance resident evil 4 and is accompanied by the Briefcase backpacking accessory, and in the store we will find Leon’s Combat Knife pickaxe. Claire keeps the biker outfit of hers that we saw in Resident Evil 2 Remake and is equipped with the Police Station Keys backpack accessory that is included with her outfit; Umbrella’s Umbrella pickaxe is also available in the shop.

We have already reviewed Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake it is one of the most anticipated games of the season and its update has not disappointed. In our analysis we commented that “it’s a great game. It is one of the best, most intense and most varied action adventures that we have been able to enjoy in recent years.. A title that does not allow us to get bored for a single second and that does not stop delighting us with new situations and exquisitely designed combats full of possibilities. In addition, the enormous amount of changes, novelties and surprises that it brings makes it tremendously enjoyable regardless of whether we have played the original or not, finding a perfect balance between the new and the old that works wonderfully.

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