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All players of Fortnite we used to take a daily review of the game store to see which cosmetics have been chosen by Epic Games for the latest rotation of the battle royale. It is well known that developers modify the skins, harvesting tools or gestures available every day. In this sense, nobody wants to risk seeing how one of their favorites appears in the game without realizing it. To avoid this, below we will carry out a review with all the products that will be available in the game throughout the day of today (February 1, 2023). Remember that they will remain, at least, until the 1:00 CET (Spanish peninsular time) tomorrow. From that moment on, everyone could change.

What’s in the Fortnite store today?

Although maintaining some remnants of the musical theme that has ruled the bazaar in recent days, the truth is that we are facing one of the most varied selections that we have seen in Fortnite lately. New cosmetics related to debut dragonball, it keeps Laroi and the galaxy package or the collection Confident Field. In addition, there are some interesting alternatives in the “others” section, among which the always-loved Cozy Fins.

Son Gohan Lot (2,200 Turkeys)

  • Skin: Son Gohan (1,800 Turkeys)
  • Hang Gliding: Capsule Nº576 (800 Turkeys)
  • Pickaxe: Gohan’s Beast Ax (800 V-bucks)
  • Wrapper: Gohan and Piccolo (not sold separately)
  • Emote: Gohan’s Ki Buildup (Not Sold Separately)

Piccolo’s Bundle (2,200 Turkeys)

  • Skin: Piccolo (1,800 Turkeys)
  • Pickaxe: Piccolo’s Portable House (800 V-bucks)
  • Hang Glider: Red Ribbon Army Plane (800 Vacs)
  • Emote: Piccolo’s Ki Buildup (not sold separately)

The Kid Laroi Bundle (2,400 V-bucks)

  • Skin: The Kid Laroi (1,500 Turkeys)
  • Skin: The Rogue Laroi (2,000 Vacs)
  • Wrapper: Laroi’s Improv (500 V-bucks)
  • Pickaxe: Tragic Saber (not available separately)

Galaxy Package (2,800 Turkeys)

  • Skin: Galaxy Explorer (2,000 V-bucks)
  • Pickaxe: Galactic Thumpers (1,200 V-bucks)
  • Hang Glider: Celestial (800 Turkeys)
  • Wrap: Star Scout (500 V-bucks)

Trusted Field Lot (2,500 Turkeys)

  • 5x male models Golf Skins (800 Vacs/unit)
  • Pickaxe: Determined Driver (800 Vacs)
  • Backpack: Golf Bag (200 V-bucks)
Fortnite Piccolo

Other Cosmetics:

  • Skin: Fog (1,200 Turkeys)
  • Skin: Cozy Fins (1,200 Turkeys)
  • Skin: Teeth of Rest (1,200 Turkeys)
  • Skin: Joy (1,200 Turkeys)
  • Skin: Cryptic (1,200 Turkeys)
  • Skin: Match Point (800 Vacs)
  • Pickaxe: Stop Ax (800 Turkeys)
  • Pickaxe: Starbreaker (500 Turkeys)
  • Pickaxe: Shark Smacks (500 Turkeys)
  • Gesture: Hula (800 Turkeys)
  • Emotes: The Dance Laroi (500 Bucks)
  • Gesture: King’s Heart (500 Turkeys)
  • Gesture: King’s Heart (500 Turkeys)
  • Gesture: Overboard Ducks (300 Turkeys)
  • Emote: Hero Landing (200 V-bucks)
  • Hang Gliding: Mechanical Mako (1,500 Turkeys)
  • Wrapper: Shark (300 Turkeys)
  • Wrapper: Rainbow Gum (300 Turkeys)
  • Music: Stay (200 Bucks)
Fortnite Haze


  • Strange Transformations Mission Pack (€11.99)
  • Pack of the Tintagonías (2,300 Turkeys)
  • Hell’s Challenge Pack (€11.99)
  • Dark Reflections Pack (€15.99)
  • Magma Masters Pack (€14.99)
  • Dark Fire Bundle (€14.99)
  • Metalera Mine Package (€3.99)
  • Full Personalization Package (€15.99)
  • Anime Legends Pack (€19.99)

The truth is that the Fortnite store today is quite interesting, adding a good number of very interesting cosmetics. As always, it’s up to us to decide if it’s time to spend a few bucks or if it’s worth keeping saving.

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