Fortnite: Spring Breakout Returns with Update V24.10

You celebrate Easter and spring in the first version of the battle royale for its second period of Chapter 4.

Season 2 of Fortnite is already more than two weeks old and the arrival of the update V24.10 marks the start of the release of additional content. In addition to the release of weekly missions or cosmetics that will be later in the store, we have a return that matches the date of various regions: Spring Breakout.

The latest version of the battle royale is now available for download, which is considered the first significant patch after the introduction of its new period. Settling in here is the spring season-tinged festivity of Easter, fresh reality augmentations, and super level styles for select battle pass characters.

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This is everything that the V24.10 update brought to Fortnite:

Spring Breakout

The return of the classic Easter event will mark the current version of the battle royale. It will start from the day of the date until the April 10th o’clock at 22:00 / 23:00 / 01:00 / 06:00 (April 11 for the last three countries).

Fuga Primaveral will also feature number of missions and colorful rewards. Each mission will be given to the public availability per day until the closing of the festivity. They all grant a portion of PE but in some specials a skin will come.

This is how the event cosmetics will be distributed according to the days on which they come out and the additional ones that will be unlocked by reaching a goal of completed challenges:

  • Nº1: Retro spring carrier backpack
  • #7: Shellbreaker Spray
  • #9: Sausage Collage Loading Screen
  • #12: Spring Breakout Banner Icon
  • Completed 12 quests: Spring Hatcher Peak
  • Completed 22 missions: Spring Glider Glider


Parallel to the rewards we have resources that will change the game experience while the event is present, which will be the following:

  • egg thrower
    • The explosive weapon is back from the vault and can be used on the Fortnite map. Will be located on the ground, chests, supply drops, or through vending from certain characters
    • You can get one by choosing the reality augmentation spring feast
  • special eggs
    • healing: They slowly restore health and shield over time. They are provided by the new green hens
    • Of jump: Grant temporary low gravity effect and health recovery. They are provided by the new purple hens
    • Gold: They work just like gold bars
  • Specialists (NPC Hire)
    • Exploration: scouts can take out enemies from afar with a sniper rifle, mark nearby enemies and chests
    • heavy weapons: They specialize in those explosive objects. Also, they can take more damage than other specialists.
    • Supplies: supply specialists drop ammo and materials for you to pick up (will not drop materials in Zero Build)
    • Medicine: hired medics will give you sip packs to restore your health and shield

Augments of Reality

  • regenerative movement: Regenerate health and part of the shield while on sliders or zip lines, except when in the storm
  • take a chance: Grants a Charge Shotgun and a Matchlock Pistol
  • Go with the flow: They move faster and regenerate health and part of the shield when swimming, except if they are in the storm
  • Let the party begin: Award party with pizza and sip packs!

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super level styles

You can now unlock the additional Season 2 Battle Pass styles that will be available after reaching level 125. Thunder, Imani, Renzo the Destroyer, Mizuki and Adrenaline were the skins chosen to receive the super level animated designs Kinetic Rush, Neon Citrus, and MEGA Wave.


  • As of V24.10 added a build sensitivity setting and an edit sensitivity setting to the Mouse and Keyboard settings in Fortnite
  • The Collections tab will be renamed Characters and will show a map with the location of all the NPCs you have interacted with or not.
  • Turn radius improvement of Rogue bike handling at higher speeds

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