Fortnite: The Unreal Editor has arrived to revolutionize the Epic game, and the industry

last March 23 fortnite changed forever. it’s not anymore only a game. Epic Games has transformed its popular battle royale in a authoring tool, in one place to publish games as if it were Steam, on a platform where developers can profit, on a Roblox. All this thanks to the early access release of the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), an application that has the potential to revolutionize the video game industry.

The players of Fortnite Battle Royale on any platform can access the Creative modea tool that allows create islands with different game modes using the assets of the popular game. Since its launch in December 2018, the most curious islands have been published, such as the following recreation of the Raccoon City police station in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

I made some of the RPD from Resident Evil 2, Idk whether to do the whole building since creative 2 has just come out so someone could easily do it better than mine. So I thought I’d just show it off
by u/SympathyComplete9641 in residentevil

The possibilities of the UEFN

He UEFN goes much further by integrating Creative Mode with Unreal Engine, one of the graphics engines most used by professional video game developers for any platform. Thus, the UEFN is a free app for pc that allows you to “design, develop, and publish games and experiences directly on Fortnite“, they explain from Epic Games.

Its potential is enormous as it offers a limited version of the tools available in Unreal Engine 5. Of course, the Lumen lighting system and the highly detailed Nanite elements, but also everything else: the assetsanimations, effects and much more from Epic Games. Or the possibility of creating them yourself.

The UEFN is, therefore, much more complete than the Creative Mode, and therefore, harder to use, although Epic Games offers a complete page with manuals and guides. The program uses the Unreal Engine main interfaceand has its own programming language, verse (a name indicating the intention of Tim Sweeney’s company to convert Fortnite in a metaverse). Thus, it allows import custom content, design specific mechanics, create and edit 3D modelsshape textures and materials, and introduce animations, landscapes, and visual effects.

All this translates into can be played within Fortnite to video games that have nothing to do with with the battle royaleNeither aesthetically nor mechanically. Epic Games has released three tech demos that demonstrate this. Forest Guardian takes players into a photorealistic forest complete with dragon; The Space Inside is a series of escape room with different visual styles and in which the first-person camera is used; and Desert: Domination is a team shooter game with realistic graphics. All of them are available in the Epic Picks row of Discover in Fortnite.

This is Fortnite!
by u/LilSh4rky in FortniteCreative

Some creators and developer teams accessed an early version of the UEFN, and have begun to showcase what that early access has brought. From worlds with a detail worthy of the last generation from consoles to recreations of call of dutygoing by custom maps for battle royale that they have nothing to send to those that Epic Games offers season after season.

There are some experiences already available. color switchfrom Team Unite, presents a party game multiplayer based on moving the avatar through the areas of the indicated color, a mechanic reminiscent of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, but if it fails and falls into the abyss, players can participate in test drives and other challenges. EITHER The Arcadewhere a team is recreating two-dimensional games, like a version of flappy bird.

It’s easy to be surprised when taking a look around the subreddit dedicated to the creative tools of Fortnite. The community does not carry not a week with access to the UEFN and is already creating horror games, cinematographic scenesversions of Five Nights at Freddy’s and SUPERHOTcrazy multiplayer titles… And of course, mod of Shrek.

A cinematic intro that I have been working on for the past 27 hours for a side project of a Story and Survival Experience. There is still a bunch of stuff I need to refine, it’s a shame I can’t publish it because I’m under 18. *The Music Is By Scott Buckley (Call To Adventure & Juggernaut)*
by u/Skittlq in FortniteCreative

FNAF-like gameplay in UEFN (WIP)
by u/CoolGamerUS in FortniteCreative

Enter Hammered & Hilarious, a playable sitcom made with UEFN! You are part of a moving company, and your job is to not do your job. Battle it out with your co-workers in someone’s house! MAP CODE: 0466-8584-7678
by u/Ill-Extent-6851 in FortniteCreative

I made Superhot in UEFN/Verse because you guys told me to
by u/AlphaTeamPlays in FortniteCreative

Someone asked for UEFN Horror maps? (Creative 2.0 Demo Map)
by u/ChitaZ in FortniteCreative

A program that will evolve and allow creators and studios to profit

All this is only the beginning. In the presentation of the tool during the Game Developers Conference 2023, Epic Games showed a Roadmap where they showed the type of games and experiences that we can expect according to the UEFN will introduce more and more elements of Unreal Engine 5. Thus, during these first months, games similar to the one itself will be created. Fortniteand maybe light platforming, driving and exploration experiences; but in a couple of years you will already be able to enjoy full-size games from a variety of genres (role, strategy, MOBA, simulation, open worlds, adventures…). And later authentic high budget AAA games with huge open worlds, complex artificial intelligences, procedural systems…

Therein lies the key to all of this. which, as already happens in Robloxhe UEFN is used more than by new creators, but rather that authentic studios are formed dedicated to publishing games for Fortnite, which would become a kind of digital store. To enhance this, Epic Games also presented at the GDC the Economy of creators 2.0. The company will distribute 40% of the net income generated from the in-game item shop and other purchases made with real money between all island (or game) publishers taking into account “the popularity of the island, the participation and the attraction of new players”.

Another idea that has been discussed a lot every time the metaverse is discussed also fits there. can be create promotional islands or games, either in a brand advertising deal with a creator or team, or created by the brand itself. yes, there is exceptions: Games promoting pharmaceutical products, political organizations, military enlistment, gambling, weapons, drugs, deceptive financial services or dating services may never be played.

@vandalonline IS ALL THIS FORTNITE? I love you It Up – Official Sound Studio

The limits: PEGI +12 and only free games

One of the main limitations of the UEFN is in its extensive rules. First of all, everyone games must be free, which may work for some genres, but not for all kinds of experiences. Also, all the contents must be fixed in the PEGI +12 of Fortniteso there can be no violence or excessive terror, care must be taken with language, exaggerated or recurring sexual references or representations of sexual activities are not allowed, and there can be no references to drugs.

On the other hand, all creations must respect intellectual propertywhich means that it will not be possible to make clones of Super Mario and act out scenes The Last of Us, to give a couple of examples. The islands themselves battle royale from Epic Games cannot be copied either, although the company has made an exception for Chapter 1 islandsOf course, with the asterisk that they cannot be made profitable.

You can make ridiculously sized maps by enabling streaming and scaling landscapes manually
by u/CoolGamerUS in FortniteCreative

There is also a technical limitation. For the moment, EUFN projects cannot exceed 2 GB, and when downloading an island, the island cannot be larger than 400 MB on the player’s device. Likewise, and with the possibility that the figure may vary in the future, multiplayer titles have a 30 player limit.

Beyond all that there is rules common to similar experiences: o content that promotes illegal activities is accepted, personal information may not be used or requested, content must not use hate language or denigrate other users, hate symbols may not be used, cheating may not be encouraged, no obscene text or symbols may be used, and no gambling mechanics may be used (for example, awarding items after playing a slot machine).

This is Fortnite… I will be turning this into a full paranormal horror map, more updates the following weeks…
by u/ChitaZ in FortniteCreative

Perhaps the strict regulations put a brake on the enormous potential of the Unreal Editor for Fortnitebut only with what we have seen during the first days in which the tool has been available, it is clear that Epic Games has taken a giant step towards reaching its goal of convert Fortnite in a true metaverse.

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