Fortnite welcomes Season 2 of Chapter 4 with lots of news

Fortnite: Battle Royalethe well-known battle royale free to play from Epic Games, has recently been updated with the second season of Chapter 4 with a lot of news that the company itself has revealed in an official statement on its website. Broadly speaking, this new season adds a new location called Mega City, which has scroll bars and long roads through which players can drift mounted on a racing motorcycle. Next we leave you with a cinematic trailer, which allows you to appreciate the new setting and some of the new features in more detail. skins that will debut, such as Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan, which can be unlocked in the battle pass “later”.

As you can imagine, have been added new vehiclesincluding a new motorcycle called the Victory Crown Rogue and a new car that has been dubbed the Nitro Drifter, plus of course a good handful of weapons of all kinds, from a kinetic blade for melee attacks with powerful shock attacks to silenced assault rifles, pump-action shotguns, pulse-racing rifles, and mega-unique weapons. Naturally, Season 2 also includes seven new reality augmentations that will be available starting with update 24.00.

The new map of Fortnite: Battle Royale includes not only a city with neon lights everywhere, but also other areas away from lights that transmit a little more calm and have a more natural appearance. You can take a look at it in the following images:

Season 2 Competitive Mode Details

In Season 2, the competitive mode of Fortnite it will include the FNCS Major 2 as well as Zero Build, Prize Money Cups, PlayStation Cups and Victory Prize Money Cups.

Arena Tails

These battle royale arena queues will continue to be offered in Season 2:

Take part in the arena and win some high! Your high has been reset to zero with the premiere of the new season. Like in the last season, if players reach the rank of challenger, they will be eligible to compete in prize money tournaments throughout the season. However, there will also be Zero Build competitions that are open to all players and require no arena ranking.

Fortnite FNCS Major 2

Find a duo partner and get ready for the FNCS Major 2, starting on April 13, 2023. The FNCS Major 2 will not use the Cup system by divisions. In this way, there will be more players who can compete in the FNCS. The divisional Cup system could be implemented in subsequent seasons with a completely renewed format. You can consult more information in the link that we have provided.

In the weekly sessions of the FNCS Major 2, the scoring will be the result of the Thursday and Friday sessions of the weekly FNCS Major competition. At the conclusion of Friday’s session, the top 50 duos from each region will qualify for that week’s FNCS Major 2 Weekly Finals. At the end of each of the weekly FNCS Major 2 competitions, all duos that have participated will receive a series of points based on the results achieved during that week. The top 40 duos who have accumulated the most points over three weeks according to the leaderboard will qualify for the FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals.

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