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The 23.40 update of Fortnite It is just around the corner. We can already think about new content and bug fixes to Battle Royale. To give you an idea of ​​the changes made by Epic Games, we share the first patch notes that deserve your attention as a looper.

There are only a few weeks left until the end of the Chapter 4 of Fortnite: Season 1but the developers at Epic Games still have a couple of mid-season content updates planned to keep things fresh until then.

For now, you should know that the downtime for the v23.40 update of Fortnite it would start around 1:00 am PT / 4:00 am ET / 9:00 am on February 28. To this we must add that the elements related to Dragon Ball (the Kamehameha and the Flying Cloud) will return to the vault after the patch.

Regarding the new outfits of Fortnite, the popular leaker Shiina announced that we will be seeing a Valentine-related skin called Folly. She is expected to have a back bling, spike, and wrap as part of the set.

As with every update of Fortnitea new set of weekly challenges will be added to the game, giving you even more opportunities to earn XP and unlock Battle Pass prizes.

FORTNITE | Possible bug fixes in v23.40

Lastly, the following bug fixes are expected to ship with the 23.40 update:

  • Sparkle Specialist’s outfit is not reflective or shiny.
  • Sarah Connor’s resistance leader style has a stretched-out face.
  • Save Device can reset player scores and other stats in Creative mode.
  • Some devices may be capped at 60 FPS despite selecting 90 FPS on mobile.

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