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More Reality Augments keep coming to Fortnite. With the arrival of Season 2 of Chapter 4, dataminers have found the files of what will come soon to Epic Games Battle Royale.

According to the most recent leak, Fortnite will add Pizza Party, Egg Launcher and Flint-Knock Pistol. We tell you what are all the increases that we will see soon on the platform.

  • Go For Broke: Get a loaded shotgun and Flint-Knock
  • Game Time: Get a Pizza Party consumable
  • Trackers Armory: Get a Shadow Tracker and Flare Gun
  • Springtime Blowout: Get an Egg Launcher

It’s also important to note that Epic Games will likely be stockpiling several augments to make room for new ones. This was the case in the previous season, and it will probably happen again.

There is no tentative date for the arrival of the new increases. Epic Games may decide to wait a few more weeks before adding them. There’s a ton of new content in the current season, and it’s only been out for a couple of days. Due to this, it is unlikely that the game developer will add many new features in March.

How to level up with XP glitch

The benefit of mistakes Fortnite is that the community can get a lot of experience points with the slightest effort. After joining the map and interacting with some objects, they can simply leave the game on and earn thousands of XP by doing nothing. This practice is something that gamers call AFK and it is not illegal if you do not abuse the method in your games.

the youtuber GKK posted a video showing how to get a good amount of XP through the following creative map: 0477-7793-3596. Upon joining the stage, you will have to follow a whole series of actions so that you start to constantly generate XP.

Most of the time you will have to detect the hidden buttons to automatically add experience points. We leave you the video so you know what the procedure is and so you have plenty of XP while you advance in Season 4.

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