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The hitboxes in Fortnite They are a matter of discussion in the community. The debate started in 2019 when players noticed that some skins in battle royale had slimmer waists than others and took fewer hits. All hitboxes are supposed to be the same, as Epic Games has said, but professional players opt for female avatars because male or very large ones do not survive combat.

So, let’s see what are the skins of Fortnite which may well put you at a disadvantage if you are convinced that the hitboxes are different for some characters. Keep in mind that another key point when choosing a character is to take into account her colors and if she is very conspicuous from a distance. That can always expose you and be the target of rivals.

FORTNITE | The skins with the biggest hitboxes

The first thing to keep in mind is Doom Slayerwhich appeared in Fortnite Episode 4 – Season 1. The reason he has a bigger hitbos is due to the heavy armor that characterizes the classic shooter character in the 90s.

Another controversial outfit in venom, added to the catalog in Chapter 2 – Season 4. The skin may have a bigger hitbox than others due to its huge size. Another thing worth mentioning is that the symbiote strands that shoot out of the skin make it possible for opponents to see you from afar.

Gunnar came to Fortnite in Chapter 3 – Season 2 as part of the IO Inquest set. Like Venom the outfit is bigger than others and as such could have a bigger hitbox. In addition, the skin has several layers of tactical equipment that made it easy to take down players.

An obvious candidate is Hulkwhose design is faithful to that of the comics of Marvel and just as huge as we always remember. Its large size would make it have a larger hitbox around its body, which can be easy to shoot. There are those who still use the skin to show how good they are in combat.

who closes is Thanos. In addition to the massive size of him, the character wears bulky armor and various dots around the outfit that could have larger hitboxes than other skins. The heavy armor, Thanos’ helmet, and Infinity Gauntlet add up to a heavier build that’s imprecisely larger than other Marvel sets, and the head-to-body ratio is something players are extremely critical about.

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