Fortnite x Dead Space: Isaac Clarke skin now available, how to get it and how much it is worth

The skin of Isaac Clarke of dead space in Fortnite It has already arrived at the store. In this news we give you all the information of interest, including How is it Y what accessories does it have. All about Fortnite x Dead Space just below:

Fortnite x Dead Space: this is Isaac Clarke’s skin

At 01:00 CET on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, the Fortnite store arrived at the dead space isaac clarke skin as well as its accessories. The objects are the following:

  • Isaac Clarke Skin
  • DRI backpacking accessory (reactive, shows the health of the player on the back)
  • USG Ishimura Backpacking Accessory
  • Plasma Cutter Harvesting Tool
  • Gesture Upgrade Bench

All these objects are part of a pack whose price is €11.99. In other words: none of them are sold separately.

All Dead Space Isaac Clarke items in Fortnite


All Dead Space Isaac Clarke items in Fortnite

This batch is called Strange Transmissions Mission Packwhich brings with it all the content mentioned above as well as several Missions for Fortnite with which to win 1,500 paVos. These Missions consist of completing Daily Additional Objectives, or what is the same, completing Daily Missions.

Strange Streaming Missions in Fortnite


Strange Streaming Missions in Fortnite

Just below we leave you a video showing you all the objects in the game:

Keep in mind that both the Isaac Clarke skin and the rest of the accessories are only cosmetic objects; they do not influence gameplay in any way. This character is not “stronger” or “better” than others.

We remind you that Dead Space Remake goes on sale this friday january 27and this is a collaboration to promote this video game, whose list of achievements and trophies we also know.

In the meantime, we remind you that we have a Fortnite guide in which we tell you, among other things, where all the characters are or how to complete This Week’s Missions. Don’t miss it!

Sources: Fortnite Battle Royale, own elaboration

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